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Culture Days St. Albert 2023

Visual Arts

St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council - Floral Guild

Floral Guild
Mon, Sept 23rd, TBD
Regisration Coming!

Make a Eucalyptus Bundles for the shower/air freshners.

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St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council - Painters Guild

Painters Guild
Mon, Sept 23rd, TBD
Regisration Coming!

Activity using Monotypes.

St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council - Quilters Guild

Quilters Guild
Mon, Sept 23rd, TBD
Regisration Coming!

Make Embellished Quilted Hearts.

St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council - Paper Arts Guild

Paper Arts Guild
Mon, Sept 23rd, TBD
Regisration Coming!

Make a Flag Book.

St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council - Potter's Guild

Potter's Guild
Mon, Sept 23rd, TBD
Regisration Coming!

Come see a wheel demonstration and participate in a clay activity

Tim's Marketing Photo.jpg
Tim's Marketing Photo.jpg
Tim's Marketing Photo.jpg
Tim's Marketing Photo.jpg

St. Albert Place
Visual Arts Council

Saturday, Sept 23rd, 10 AM
St Albert Place Lobby

Drop In!
No registration required!

The St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council (SAPVAC) is a not-for-profit charitable organization who, together with the community, advocates, promotes, supports and strengthens the visual arts and craft experience in St. Albert and region.

We are a liaison group made up of the users of the Visual Arts wing in St. Albert Place. Our members include:

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Photo Walks at Lois Hole Provincial Park

St Albert Photography Club
Fri, Sept 22rd, 6 PM /

Sat, Sept 23
rd, 2 PM

Lois Hole Provincial Park

Photo walk focusing on light, composition, shutter speeds, basic camera skills and wildlife. Skill lever from beginner to intermediate.

The St. Albert Photography Club has been a thriving organization since 1992. We offer many opportunities to learn and shoot; both indoors and outdoors. We welcome photographers of all skill levels and love to meet new people. The only prerequisite is a passion to learn and strive to improve your art.
Our aim is to offer a place for photo enthusiasts to learn and to share across the diverse realms of photography. Please join in our journey!
SAPC is pleased to be a part of the Cultural Days for 2023. We will be offering 2 photo walks at the Lois Hole Provincial Park. Participants will learn basic camera settings needed to photograph birds in flight. As well as what bird species call the park home. We will have a professional birder on hand to share his knowledge of the local birds, as well as other members of the club who will share their extensive photography skills with you. Please join us for a Nature Photo Walk with the Birds! 

Please note: You will be required to bring your own camera equipment. (Phone, DSLR, film camera) SAPC will not be providing any equipment.

Paint Party for Kids

Denise Lefebvre
Sat, Sept 23rd, 10 AM
St Albert Place Painting Studio

A fun guided painting party for children age 6-13!


Paint Party for Adults

Denise Lefebvre
Sat, Sept 23rd, 1 PM
St Albert Place Painting Studio

A fun guided painting party for adults!


Painting parties have been popping up around the globe over the last few years, each with their own creative twist and class structure to make them all unique. It has become the latest trend in the entertainment industry, combining artistic energy with friends and strangers alike, all coming together to collectively combine their creative juices for a couple hours.

Local artist Denise Ann Lefebvre decided to ride this wave back in 2014 with her own company Red Pepper Painting Parties. She's filled her weekends and evenings over the years with private, corporate and public painting parties for participants that range in age from 5 - 105 (yep, her oldest participant Dan turned 105 in 2015)

Red Pepper Painting Parties are different from most of the companies out there because of the imagery she provides for her group. She spends up to 2 days creating just the right image, and draws the outline of it on each sanded canvas, so this experience is not only fun and stress free, but also a beautiful work of art that one would be proud to sign and hang proudly on the wall.

Denise was born in Edmonton in 1970, and after 6 years of art school in Calgary, AB, she took some time to travel and indulge in a few adventures before settling down in 1999 with a successful career as a free-lance artist, back in Edmonton once agin. She keeps herself busy teaching with her painting company, performing live painting at events and fundraisers, creating hand-made chalkboard art menu boards, and commissions in oils and acrylics. Denise is involved in several art shows throughout the year and sells her work out of galleries and local bistros and restaurants.

Facebook party

Instagram @redpepperpaint



Origami - The Japanese Art of Paper Folding

Thomas Fenton
Sat, Sept 23rd, 10 AM / 1PM
St Albert Place Lobby

Drop In!

No registration required!

Learn how to age old art of Origami, 5 designs of varying complexity!

Transforming your artistic visions into a 3D reality.

Thomas Fenton
Sun, Sept 24th, 10 AM / 1 PM
Multi Craft Studio, St. Albert Place


TED talk on the 3D printing and how to convert your artwork into a 3D piece. Printers and 3D rendering will be on display!

3D Printer

Thomas is a St. Albert sculptor and painter. His work explores the intersections of technology, identity, and the human body. He enjoys experimenting in processes and materials, and has done works in metal, marble, wood, and more.

Wow Factor Mosaics

Carol Donald
Sat, Sept 23rd, 7 PM
St Albert Place Multi Craft Studio

Make a unique mosaic piece guided by local artist!


In this easy and fun class, students will learn how to lay out and glue down a basic mosaic pattern using the direct method.

We will be making an 8” x 8” trivet or hot plate, which can be used in the kitchen or for serving - or displayed on a small easel as a decorative piece.

Projects will be left to dry and the instructor will grout them. They will be ready for pick up a few days after the class!

No experience is required.

Riverbend Grade 9_May2018.jpg

Carol has been an artist all her life - exploring watercolours, acrylics, sculpture, printmaking and ceramics in her journey. She has degrees in Interior Design and Art History, which adds an additional dimension to her perspective. Since 2015 Carol has been working in her studio as part of the Big Lake Artists' cooperative making mosaics out of tile, glass, stone and found objects both as art pieces and residential commissions

Hanji Art Workshop

Eunju Park
Saturday, Sept 23rd, 1 PM
Meet at St. Albert Art Gallery and then we will walk to the Multi Craft Studio
at St. Albert Place


Eunju Park grew up in South Korea and after living in St. Albert, Canada for a decade, she started to feel disconnected from her heritage. She began to explore traditional artifacts in an attempt to reconnect with her Korean roots, discovering Hanji Art. Hanji is a traditional handmade paper produced from Mulberry Trees and often used to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. Eunju carefully tears the paper into abstracted shapes crafting positive messaging in Korean characters and images. 

“The process of creating Hanji Art is extremely therapeutic for me and I have an invigorated passion to share this centuries old vibrant paper with the modern world.”


Cold Porcelain Clay Flowers

Sarah Valencia
Sun, Sept 24rd, 11 AM
St. Albert Place Painting Studio

Welcome to a beginner-friendly class where you will get the chance to sculpt your own flower. 

These flowers are made of cold porcelain clay. Though the name sounds fancy, this clay consists of common household materials. I love working with cold porcelain because it is an easily accessible medium. All you need to get started is a little glue, some cornstarch, and creativity. 

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 9.33_edited.jpg

Sarah is a self-taught artist and a lifelong learner. Since childhood, she has never let her pencil down and is passionate about making her ideas come to life. Sarah explores a variety of different mediums and does not like the idea of being confined to one specific art. Instead, she likes to experiment and explore everything the art world has to offer.

Culture Days 2023 runs September 22nd - 24th. Most events require registration. Please follow the links provided.
And check back regularly - programs/activities are continually being added!

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