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Culture Days St. Albert 2023


Jeanien Bell

Inuit Oral Tradition
Sunday, Sept 24th, 1 PM
St Albert Place - Progress Hall

Traditional Inuit Games - participants will gather to both participate and spectate in a variety of Inuit Games to explore the significance beyond entertainment to discover and experience the significant and meaning embedded within.


Jeanien Bell (she/her] is an Inuk kablunangujuq educator, artist, and angajukKâk of mixed Inuit and Qallunat ancestry. Raised in a semi remote sub-arctic village of 450 on the land, water, and ice on Nitassinan - the traditional territories of the Innu First Nation and her Nunatsiavumiut Inuit Ancestors. Guided by Inuit Maligait & Qaujimajatuqangit principles, Jeanien is fortunate to have lived her life immersed in the traditional land-based community centered ways of her Inuit Ancestors. Relationships formed on and with the land, the experience, knowledge, and skills acquired through traditional teachings motivates and inspires her life's work. For the past 16 years, Jeanien has been an honored and humbled guest in the Treaty 6 & Treaty 7 Territories - the traditional homelands of her Southern relatives, the diverse First Nations and Métis peoples. She considers it a great privilege to live among her human and more than human relatives and she is thereby committed to fulfilling her relational obligations to respect and care for the peoples, skies, lands, and waters that sustain and support all life

Jeanien humbly serves her community as Angajukkäk of the Inuit Edmontonmiut Community, co-director / co-Founder of the Inuit Community Development and Education Foundation, Chair of Indigenous Studies at NorQuest College and a member of the Metis Women's Council on Economic Security advising the Minister of Indigenous Relations on policies, programs, and services to improve the lives of Indigenous women, their families, and communities. Jeanien uses her gift of two eyed seeing and her experience of walking in two worlds to serve indigenous and Non-indigenous communities alike providing support, guidance, and direction to others so they may identify their unique gifts to uplift their families and communities: ensuring an increasingly just and equitable future for all.


Culture Days 2023 runs September 22nd - 24th. Most events require registration. Please follow the links provided.
And check back regularly - programs/activities are continually being added!

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