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Culture Days St. Albert  2022


 Lauren Seal

A welcoming poetry workshop with St. Albert's Poet Laureate, Lauren Seal
Wed Sept 28th, 7 to 8:30pm
Forsyth Hall, St. Albert Library
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What do board game instructions, pill bottles, tweets, and newspaper articles have in common? They’re all poetry, of course! Join St. Albert Poet Laureate, Lauren Seal, for a Found Poetry workshop where you’ll be introduced to the form and have the chance to “find” some poetry yourself

Timothy Fowler

Developing a Writing Practice
Mon, Sept 12th, 5 to 7pm

Tim will guide you on developing or enhancing your writing practice using writing prompts and other skills.

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Timothy Fowler is an award-winning journalist and podcaster, publishing 500+ stories since retiring in 2015 from a 35-year management career. His award-winning podcast Elevate Your Game focuses on elevating the game of hunting and the tools, equipment and processes to make the resulting game on the table absolutely the best it can be. His podcast is available everywhere podcasts are downloadable. You can follow Tim on Instagram @timothydfowler.

Rayanne Haines

We experience the world around us through our senses. They are how we navigate place, identify danger, seek stimulation, and form the memories through which our identities take shape. Translating rich sensory experience onto the page enables writers to inhabit their characters and stories in ways that offer three dimensional, truthful experiences for the readers. And isn’t that what we strive for as authors, even in fiction? To make our worlds come to life? In this workshop with Writer in Residence Rayanne Haines, we explore writing taste, sight, smell, touch and sound to create descriptions that will stay with your reader and improve your writing skills.

Writing with the Five Senses
Fri Sep 23rd, 7 to  8:30pm
Forsyth Hall, St. Albert Public Library

Rayanne Haines (she/her) is an educator and hybrid author. She is the 2022 Writer in Residence for the Metro Edmonton Federation of Libraries and a best-selling author of three poetry collections - The Stories in My Skin, Stained with the Colours of Sunday Morning, and Tell The Birds Your Body Is Not A Gun  - as well as a four part commercial market, urban fantasy/romance series. She hosts the literary podcast Crow Reads, and is the VP for the League of Canadian Poets.

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